76 specialists from Russia and Latvia took part in the second seminar of the project

The second seminar of the NewLINE project, which took place on December 8-9, 2020, gathered a record number of participants for the project. 76 specialists from Russia and Latvia, whose work is in some way or another connected with historical manors and manor parks, attended the event.

The seminar was titled “Trends in Preservation and Development of Historical Manor Parks and Gardens in the Borderland Areas of Latvia and Russia” and aimed at sharing experiences in management, restoration, landscaping, maintenance and tourism development of such territories.

The greatest interest among the audience was a report on research methods and historical restoration of parks, in particular the creation of passports for 10 Vidzeme and 10 Latgale parks as part of the NewLINE project and restoration of the historical environment of Aluksne castle and park, restoration and development of prince Gagarin’s Holomki manor, full cycle of restoration of the park in Preili, restoration and use of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Vechasha memorial museum, and preservation of the historical heritage of the Balvi and Vilaka manor parks.

The seminar was organized by the partner of the NewLINE project, the Municipality of Balvi (Latvia), in cooperation with the Centre for Curative Pedagogics and Differentiated Learning of Pskov Region and supported by the NGO “Lake Peipsi Project (Pskov)”.

The project partners express their deep gratitude to the moderator of the seminar, director of the Balvi Central Library, Mrs. Ruta Cibule.

© Photo in miniature news: Alexander Pushkin Museum-Reserve