Trainings for “park keepers”: post-release from the Center for Curative Pedagogics

From November 10 to December 4 2020 the Center of Curative Pedagogics and Differentiated Learning of the Pskov Region hosted a series of trainings for the future “park keepers” with the fosterlings of the Organization. The activities took part within the Latvian-Russian CBC project LV-RU-040 NewLINE. The trainers were the specialists from “Pskov City Floral Farm” Ltd and Pskov State University, who have extensive experience in the field.

31 participants took part in the event. During the trainings the participants got acquainted with the tools and equipment for the care of the Korytovo park.

The major value of the trainings was their practical orientation. The participants noted the novelty of the trainings’ contents, the new topics like the “Care of trees and the territory” and “Deciduous trees and shrubs in the forest park area. Coniferous trees in park compositions” etc. All the participants noted that they will be able to use the obtained knowledge in their daily routines.