Regional historical manor parks in focus of Russian and Latvian experts

On November 11-12, 2019, in the village of Bugrovo, Pushkinogorskiy district, Pskov Region, a seminar “Manor parks: present and future” will be held.

Many historical manor parks are not just attractive places for tourists and local residents to relax, but also important natural and cultural-historical objects. They need professional care and support from authorities and specialists. In this regard, the seminar is dedicated to the management of historical manor parks. It is organised by the Centre for Curative Pedagogics and Differential Learning of the Pskov Region, NGO “Lake Peipsi Project (Pskov)”, and Balvi Municipality (Latgale, Latvia) within the framework of the LV-RU-040 NewLINE project “New Life of Old Parks: Efficient Management of Historical Nature Objects in LatRus Border Area”.

The seminar will be attended by the owners, managers and experts of the manor parks located in the territory of the Pskov region and Latvia; managers of the regional and municipal level, responsible for preservation of the historical heritage and cultural objects, for tourism development; specialists dealing with spatial development issues at the regional / municipal level, etc.

Participants will share their experience in maintaining manor parks, plans for their development and use in the interests of local residents and tourism development; share their experience in creating and conducting excursion programs, developing new forms and methods of using recreational and landscape parks and theme parks based on historical nature sites.

The project “New Life of Old Parks: Efficient Management of Historical Nature Objects in LatRus Border Area” is being implemented in the Pskov region and in the municipality of Balvi with the financial support of Latvia – Russia Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020.

Within the framework of the project during 2 years there will be carried out activities aimed at maintenance and conservation of manor parks in Latgale and Pskov region, in particular:

  • acquaintance with the current condition and status of historical manor parks in the Pskov region, Latgale and Vidzeme (Latvia);
  • exchange of experience in park management;
  • creation of an interactive online map of manor parks in the Pskov region, Latgale and Vidzeme;
  • seminars for managers of manor parks;
  • improvement of the Bear Garden in Balvi and creation of an inclusive park in a part of the territory of the Korytovo Forest Park in the city of Pskov, adjacent to the Center for Curative Pedagogics;
  • trainings for the “Forest Brigades” on the care of the inclusive park at the Korytovo Forest Park;
  • the “Citizens at the Gorozhanskiye’s” festivals in Pskov and Balvi;
  • international conference on management of manor parks and other events.

The total amount of project financing is 685 354 EUR (including co-financing of the project in the amount of 616 818,6 EUR from the Programme).

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