“Evening walk in a different light”: opening of the Lāča dārzs park in Balvi (Latvia)

On the 2nd of October from 19:00 to 22:00, everyone is invited to go for an unusual evening walk in a different light in the park “Lāča dārzs” in Balvi.

The event is planned as a solemn opening of the “Lāča dārzs”after the improvement works carried out within the framework of the Latvian-Russian cross-border project “New Life of Old Parks: Effective Management of Historic Natural Objects on the Latvian-Russian Border”. A special added value of the project is the common history of the former manor orchard in Balvi – now “Lāča dārzs” – and the Karitova manor park in Pskov, which is also undergoing renovation within the project. Going on this walk, it is worth knowing that in the 19th century, for many decades, both Koritova and Balvi manors were owned by the Gorozhans family. The parks created during this period of  time originally served for the needs and pleasure of the manor owners and their guests. In the middle of the 19th century, Koritova Park was opened to the public on Sundays, becoming the first public park on the outskirts of Pskov.

During the autumn, the walk will be made special by various light and live fire objects, warm tea, improvisations of guitar playing by Richard Krilov and a concert of the group “Radio trio”.

Going for a walk in the Bear Garden, during the event you will also have the opportunity to visit the Balvi County Museum, where you will see an exhibition of Latvian contemporary ceramics from the art collection of the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Center. Free visit to the museum.

Let’s start our walk in the park and history on October 2 in Balvi, “Lāča dāzs”, to continue it in the spring at the opening event of Koritova Manor Park in Pskov.

The views of the improved park (Photo © Balvi Municipality):